Saudi Arabia block us to get out

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Counter-intelligence killed my life

My #life has been destroyed by #Canada and #SaudiArabia #counterintelligence file , 9 years ago.

In the  name  of my small family, I'm asking to get freedom , justice and fairness for almost a decade destroyed by their government secret of state .


Umm Sameer

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Clear facts on November 27th 2013 meeting in Riyadh

On November 27th 2013, we had a meeting in the offices of Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Riyadh . I was there with my husband , Saudi government officials including an ambassador , Canadian consulate officers and Canadian ambassador in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

A clear fact has been told openly during that meeting and approved by both countries .

My husband is prevent to enter in Canada by the Canadian authorities , even for one single day is not allowed .

My husband is prevent to travel to Canada by the Saudi authorities , even for one single day is not allowed .

My husband and each one of my children are registered on Saudi National Black List with travel bans and it is only HRH King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud who does have power to delete their names in removing the travel bans .

The Government of Canada must to provide a guarantee to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that if anyone of my children enter on Canadian soil , it will be only for short vacation for after coming back  to Saudi Arabia. Or , my husband has to abandoned his paternity officially in front of both countries .

If there is no guarantee from Canada and my husband refused to abandoned his paternity officially  . My children won't enter on Canadian soil before legal age or adulthood , that's for sure .

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I am NOT asking to go Canada, since it is IMPOSSIBLE

Dear Kina Kawai Kina,
I'm writing this 

for you,  because you're someone who just cannot understand anything! 
As I told you previously,  since few years
 I took control of my brain and also,  I realized it is just completely impossible for me to go back to Canada.  Go to see my post "life in arabia" ... I wrote that and there is a broken canadian flag on it.
In June 2013 , two Saudi womem got 10 months in prison because they heard for my relative in Canada.  However,  I was the one accused and everybody thought I am a naughty one.... .... I had to protect my relative in Canada and in same time myself.  So,  that is why I wrote on "Saudi women get jail term for trying to help me Nathalie Morin" post,  I ask the government of Canada to help me to return to Canada with my family.
Secondly,  in May 6th 2013 , my husband and myself we got the biggest punishment ever.  We found ourselves in very difficult situation with three or almost four children to feed.  My husband told me to call canadian embassy in Riyadh  to ask for myself , Nathalie Morin going back to Canada with the children. Maybe that is also why I wrote on "Saudi women get jail term for trying to help me Nathalie Morin" post,  I ask government of Canada to help my family to return to Canada. 
And just to inform you,  today I have deleted those words in that post.
In my situation,  there is no coming back possible!  And you know that yourself dear Kina Kawai Kina.
To inform you again,  Candice Cohen died after a violent conflict with her new French and jew husband "Alain Cucumel" . Relatives of Candice Cohen and especially her father could confirm you that on Facebook.  Search "Candice Cohen" and you will find her father account under his daughter's name.
After leaving Saudi Arabia completely alone in 2009 , she got married with the first French and Jewish man that she found in Paris.  But,  he was alcoholic and violent.  Candice Cohen began to use medicine on daily basis such as antidepressants and also,  she drank with her new husband.  Because she was depressed, sad,  mad..... since the lost of her daughter,  Princess Haya.  ... She has published a book and she spoke to many medias for trying to get her daughter back.  Alain Cucumel,  her new husband did not let her heart forget,  Aya....  Princess Aya her daughter.  Three years later,  a night of August 2012 , she had a domestic fight and I supposed she was also drunk mixing with antidepressants.  She was scared from Alain Cucumel and she decided to take refuge in her neighbor apartment , but she felt down to the street from fourth floor building in Paris.
Dear Kina Kawai Kina,  yes like every human being on this earth my choice is to stay ALIVE.  I don't want TO DIE AWAY FROM MY CHILDREN like that woman,  Candice Cohen.  She had opportunity to stay with her daughter in Riyadh , but she refused that deal in 2009 .....after three years she died without seeing her daughter again. Do you think she wins something in her choice?  NO.  Do you think her daughter wins something in her mother choice?  NO.
to live with my kids
I take the choice "to live with my kids"
I am NOT a soldier,  ready to die for his country.

I am a mother ready to die for her children.
My husband knows all what I did online since 2012 and NO I'm NOT scared from him. HE ALREADY DISCOVERED ALL MY PAGES ONLINE AND HE KNOWS EVERYTHING FROM ME. 
I and my children,  we are NOT victim of mistreatment by my husband. We do NOT have problem of domestic violence and you should STOP to use that as cover of my file. 
And,  I will keep my fight for my children and my husband.  Is in that point I said I am ready to die.
I will NOT abandoned my family to commit suicide in Canada or to finish like Candice Cohen.  FORGET.
I said
Dear Kina Kawai Kina,
My life in Canada is DONE for me,  but not because my husband or something like that.
My life in Canada is DONE for me,  because both governments. 
Canadian government prevent him to enter in Canada even for one single day in order to visit his biological children.
Saudi government prevent him and our children all together to travel to Canada even for one single day in order to have family vacation .
WHY ????? Truth is keeping secret by both countries.
But anyways I know 75% of the truth and I think I have to "shut up" about what I'm knowing.  Because my desir is PEACE and COMPROMISE after 9 years of complicated battle.
Why I'm asking to get our passports? ??? Me I have question for you ! WHY IT IS NOT OUR HUMAN RIGHT TO OWN PASSPORT LIKE EVERY CITIZEN? ???
All Saudi citizens does have passports with RIGHT TO TRAVEL ABROAD.  Why not us? ???????
Do not worry,  it is NOT FOR TRAVELING TO CANADA at all.
Once again,  in the name of my family including myself I'm asking to get JUSTICE,  FREEDOM AND FAIRNESS for 9 years destroyed.
Nathalie Morin

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Uncover truth

We hurl truth against falsehood,  until truth triumphs and falsehood is annihilated.  Woe be to you,  for you all the falsehoods that you ascribe to Him. God almighty is the most powerful and knows everything what's going on here, even deep government secrets.

Give up what appears to be doubtful for what is certain.  Truth brings peace of mind,  love and deception doubt.

Do away with superfluous speech,  and sacrifice what you hold.

Uncover the truth and you will see where is the love.

Persevere, have faith in his benevolence. Through afflictions God only tests your faith.

Have patience and you will find a richer reward.

Sometimes , in some special cases,  things should stay hidden.  However,  if it's hurt your personal life while being innocent. Uncover the truth until solution come into your life... ..........  ...............

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Knowledge is your key to get out of any difficulty

Those who repent,  accept the true way,  and remain steadfast shall reside among those who have achieved salvation.

If you feel pain in your heart or even in your deep soul , try to get knowledge. Always easier to get out of difficulties when we have knowledge of our problem exactly.  There is always a light in front of your way,  always a manner to get out of your lock room. Just sit down with yourself and start to think carefully. 

You may be the lion of God,  but depend not on valor alone. Learn to blossom under the shade of hope.

When your heart is dark as iron, steadily polish yourself that the heart may become a mirror, a beautiful shine reflecting from within. Although iron is dark and dismal, polishing clears the darkness away.

Knowledge is the spirit that saves the heart from the death of ignorance ; it is the light that saves it from the darkness of iniquity. The hearts of the heedless are sick because they ignore the true.

Nowadays, there are many ways to get knowledge such as here online via google search engine.

Sometimes you might feel it is better to be stupid,  because getting knowledge and feeding your brain with intelligence datas is strange for some people or organizations in society. They will have doubt of something heavy with you,  but in fact they just forget that we're in 2014 the 21st century and it's easy for any normal individual person to become more intelligent.

Just don't be afraid to get knowledge, because it is your key to get out of any difficulty.

Nathalie Morin

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our current situation

Our current situation at the moment in February 2014 is:

- Our three older children and my husband as well are all together blacklisted on Saudi National Black List with travel bans from order of Ministry Interior.

- Our baby cannot be registered in the Saudi governmental system.

- Our baby cannot have identification number.

- Our baby cannot have birth certificate.

- My husband cannot have a new family identification card with our baby's name on it.

- I cannot get a new iqama. ( permit of residence)

- My husband is registered on the Saudi governmental computer as "working" and he cannot remove his name. My husband is force to not work by the Ministry Interior.

- I'm unable to get a new iqama and so I cannot work.

- All our children,  my husband and myself we're not allowed to move freely within GCC countries.

- All our children, my husband and myself we're not allowed to travel abroad for tourism activities.

- All our children, my husband and myself we're not allowed to built a normal life and we're awaiting an agreement from Saudi government.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I have heard many misconceptions about me and I would like once again to make it clear.

I am not property of my husband, since himself doesn't control is own person. How do you want a man without power of his own identity to have under his responsibility wife and children ?

For each decision, my husband has to ask permission from Saudi government and remember, it's the autorities itself who has registered my children on Saudi National Black List without consulting my husband about that.

My husband is open minded and I have a good relation with him. I know how to handle things with him and I'm in mutual agreement with my husband since beginning

Saudi women are not backwards and there is positive evolution for women in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi society is not oppressive !

I am a woman coming from western country who thought her husband was a normal Saudi citizen like any others, but few years later I discovered the REAL TRUE. That's why I claim being trapped, because all that happened without my knowledge.

I have today four children and I will stay with them forever. 

It's too late for trying to push me out of my husband's life. I'll stay and I'll fight in the name of my husband and our children until I get #justice, #freedom, #fairness for almost 9 years destroyed by Saudi government.

We did not have any paper at all,  for marriage and for our first son paternity. Also my husband used to work with Saudi Security Forces. However, despite all facts late crown Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud brought my son and myself to my husband in Saudi Arabia in the name of Saudi government and now authorities would like to see me out !!!!!

I could be starve,  hit, beat, deprive of everything......etc.....but I WILL NEVER GIVE UP.

We deserve a Big justice and freedom.  Completely unfair what happened and I need fairness.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I am NOT anti government or anything else

Today morning, I have read an old comment on my post "Family vacation in Dubai" that I have wrote in April 2013 and sadly there are many ones who has wrong perspective of me.

An anonymous person said that he saw my picture in Reem Island,  UAE and he accused me of something heavy : he said in that words : "you pretend to be an anti government fighting for your right to go Canada with your family. But in fact , you are in Saudi Arabia for gather work."

I wonder what he means with "gather work", but it seem dangerous.

Firstly,  I would like reply that I am not an anti government person,  I am not an activist or opponent and I never pretend to be such person.

Secondly, I never said anywhere that my fight is to come back Canada with my family. Since months and years I claim to be fighting for justice, freedom and fairness.

Thirdly, I do NOT have any kind of work in Saudi Arabia and I am only a mother taking care of my four children.

Please, before making such accusation against me, do some verification .

I understand very much more today why our financial resources has been cut off in May 2013. It is completely unfair! !!!!

My kids has been starve for nothing.

I claim in the name of my four children, my husband and myself to get JUSTICE, FREEDOM,  FAIRNESS for almost 9 years destroyed.

Monday, January 27, 2014


Impunity means exemption from punishment or loss or escape from fines. Impunity is especially common in members of security forces who are protected by special jurisdictions or immunities. In the international law of human rights, it refers to the failure to bring perpetrators of human rights violations to justice.